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Snowmass Mountain Summer Activities


Snowmass Mountain is well known for being a winter wonderland, offering up some of the best skiing in the state of Colorado. Fortunately for locals and visitors alike when the summer months comes and Snowmass Mountain sheds its winter coat it becomes an activity filled summer paradise! Here are some of our favorite summer activities on Snowmass Mountain:

  • Snowmass Bike Park: The world-renowned Snowmass Bike Park offers 2,897 vertical feet of purpose build downhill trails. For new riders, the skills park and highly qualified instructors offer an entrance into the sport. For experienced riders, downhill bike rentals and 50 miles of cross country trails allow for all types of spectacular riding.
  • Camp Aspen Snowmass: Camp Aspen Snowmass offers kids of all ages awesome activities Monday through Friday. Some of our favorites include mountainboarding, skateboarding, fishing, tennis and of course, downhill biking!
  • Hiking: Leaving from the top of Elk Camp Gondola (or the base!) are miles of beautiful, Colorado high country hiking. Pick your favorite trail, grab some snacks and go!
  • Paintball: Paintball Snowmass offers miles of outdoor, mountain paintball courses with organized games and all the necessary paintball safety equipment. Private group games are available too!
  • Disc Golf: Snowmass Mountain is the only place in Colorado to offer a full 36 holes of disc golf! One course sits at the top of the Elk Camp Gondola and the other at the base village. Pick your course, grab some discs at Four-Mountain Sports and get frolfing!
  • Nature Programs: The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES) offers free nature hikes or walks at Snowmass Mountain! Local naturalists will share information about the local plants, animals, birds and more.