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  • Snowmass Base Village

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Do Snowmass Mountain Lodging residences have ramps and/or elevators?

Yes, Snowmass Mountain Lodging has an elevator option in each building.

Do the doors to Snowmass Mountain Lodging residences have braille on the room unit number?

Yes, each room or residence has a braille option to read on the exterior of the entrance.

Do elevators within Snowmass Mountain Lodging residences have braille as an option?

Yes, all elevators have braille as a reading option.

Does Snowmass Mountain Lodging have parking?

Yes, for Capitol Peak Lodge and Hayden Lodge guests, we have complimentary parking in the garage both summer and winter for 1 car per residence. Please contact our concierge for information on additional parking.

How close are the ski lifts and gondola to Snowmass mountain?

Capitol Peak Lodge and Hayden Lodge are located at Snowmass’ Base Village. All 4 buildings are a short walk to either the Elk Camp Gondola or Village Express on Fanny Hill. For your convenience, each residence has ski lockers on the main floor of the building so you can grab you skis and poles and walk right out. For information on our other mountains in the area, please contact the concierge.

How close is Aspen from Snowmass?

Aspen is 8 miles from Snowmass. The local RFTA bus has a pick up and drop off at the Transit Center at Base Village, with easy access to and from Aspen. If you prefer to drive, its 15 – 20 minutes to downtown Aspen.

Are pets allowed at Capitol Peak Lodge or Hayden Lodge?

Pets are not allowed in any of the residences.

Do Snowmass Mountain Lodging hot tubs or pools have a lift chair?

Snowmass Mountain Lodging hot tub and pool facilities do not have lift chairs.

Do Snowmass Mountain Lodging bathing options have a roll in shower?

No, Snowmass Mountain Lodging bathing rooms and showers are not flush to the ground with no lip.

Do Snowmass Mountain Lodging residences have railings in bathtubs, showers or combinations?

No, Snowmass Mountain Lodging residences do not have railings in bathtubs, showers, or combinations.

Does Snowmass Mountain Lodging have automated common doors, either with a motion sensor or a handicap button?

No, Snowmass Mountain Lodging does not have automated doors.

Can a person book an ADA room online, over the phone, or both?

Snowmass Mountain Lodging has reservationists who can help find the best residential option over the phone.

Do your fire alarms have a light that also blinks, specifically so the hearing impaired will know when there is an emergency?

Snowmass Mountain Lodging does have fire alarms which also blink, in order for the hearing impaired to know when there is an emergency.

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