Included with your stay

Stays 5+ nights or more include a complimentary midweek clean. Additional housekeeping services may be purchased and scheduled based on availability. Please contact us at 888.976.0807 to schedule housekeeping services at least 14 days prior to arrival.

Services Available

  • Daily trash removal and fresh towels.

  • Daily tidy housekeeping service – Includes making of beds, fresh towels, removing trash, loading of the dishwasher (but not unloading), and general tidying of the home.

  • Mid-week clean – Includes changing the bed linens and towels, removing trash, light cleaning of kitchen and bathrooms, loading the dishwasher (not unloaded), dusting, and vacuuming traffic areas as needed.

If you would like any of these services, please contact us at 888.976.0807 and we will email you an updated confirmation letter with the new total cost.

Housekeeping policies and rates are subject to change.