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Looking to Save: Book Direct


As more people book hotels from online sources such as Expedia and Priceline more people are missing out on an opportunity to save by booking direct. It seems counterintuitive at first, but with price-beating guarantees, a high level of flexibility, and a growing list of amenities, booking direct can be cheaper, easier, and lead to a more comfortable stay.

The big question for most people when making hotel choices is price. Comparison tools from online booking sites seem to be the best way to find the cheapest hotel. Now though, a majority of hotels have “price-beating” options where if shown a cheaper booking option they will immediately match and beat that price. This allows price-conscious buyer the assurance of the lowest price. This New York Times article does a good job of explaining how it works. Another major benefit of booking directly is the flexibility.

When you book direct you give hotels the flexibility to quickly and easily manage your reservation, so if something needs to change they can work with you to make it happen. Unfortunately, when booking through a third party, this is not the case. Another area where third-party booking present drawbacks is in the amenities.

Everyone loves amenities and they can make (or break) someone’s stay. When booking direct things like free internet, upgrades, and access to facilities generally abound. Sadly, when booking through third parties this isn’t always the case. Don’t just take our word on this though, check out what professionals in the industry have to say in this Business Insider Article.

In an effort to gain your direct business, hotels will continue to offer competitive pricing, more flexible options, and more amenities. For a conscious consumer these changes can lead to big savings and significantly better stays.


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