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Top Reasons to Book a Snowmass Condo

Snowmass Family Vacation Planning: Condo Vs. Hotel

Choosing a Snowmass condo for your vacation verse a hotel is one of the most important parts of planning your families’ trip. Meals, down time, cocktail hour and your sleep schedule all depend on your choice of lodging. Have you historically stayed in a hotel over family vacations? Why cram the entire family into a single bedroom when you can spread out just like you are at home? Here’s why choosing a condo or residence for lodging is the best choice for your upcoming Aspen Snowmass family vacation.

  • Privacy: Although family vacations are a great way to spend time together we all know that things can get tense. With heated discussions about what activities to do, which restaurants to go to and who socks those really are, having some personal space can be imperative for a fun and relaxing vacation. Private residences and condos offer the much-needed ability to retire to a bedroom and spend some time alone. Ensuring your vacation is just that, a vacation.
  • Living Rooms: While privacy is important, the whole reason to go on a family vacation is to enjoy time together. Comfortable and luxurious living rooms at private residences allow everyone space to spread toys around the floor, watch movies and enjoy a comfortable cocktail hour, all at the same time.
  • Kitchen: One of the biggest and most obvious benefits of a vacation condo is having a kitchen. You can stay in a hotel and eat out for every meal. Or, save big by cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner all in your own Snowmass condo. In our opinion, it’s one of the biggest benefits to staying in a condo or residence on your Snowmass family vacation.

Snowmass Condo Rentals

Interested in finding a Snowmass condo for your vacation? Not only does Snowmass Mountain Lodging offer some of the most luxurious, comfortable and family-friendly condos in Snowmass. Amenities include free Wi-Fi, and laundry facilities in most rooms. Snowmass Mountain Lodging offers the convenience of a full-service front desk and concierge. Be sure to consider our Capitol Peak Lodge and Hayden Lodge accommodations while you begin planning your next getaway.